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Things to do for the First Day of ALL REMOTE Classes Information - Monday, September 21, 2020

Please be sure to be signed in for the following in order to be ready for the first day of classes:

  • NYC Student DOE Account - Click here for directions
  • Microsoft Team - Sign in using the @nycstudents.net account.  Your classes will show up in your Teams List
  • Google Classroom - Log into Google using your @nycstudents.net account
  • Pupil Path - Set up your account using @nycstudents. net account  on a mobile or tablet device without the creation code.  See instructions here >  PUPIL PATH INSTRUCTIONS.pdf 

Fall 2020 Parent Information

Summer Reading Assignments 2020

Here are the summer assignments for you to complete by September 21, 2020.  It will be collected in your English Class.

Fall 2020 Information

Upcoming Activities

Summer School Information

If you are attending Summer School, please be sure you join the Teams Meeting and 

please be sure to practice logging into the Summer School Platform by doing the following:

1.  Log In to Summer School 2020 Website https://www.schools.nyc.gov/learn-at-home/summer-learning/summer-school-2020

2.  Access iLearn through Teach Hub by Clicking Here

3.  Sign in with your DOE account credentials.

4.  Click the dark blue iLearnNYC icon.

5.  You will be able to see the classes you will be taking in Summer School on June 6, 2020.

Set Up for Pupil Path

Parent Set Up

Parents/Guardians - To request your Registration Code, complete the form by clicking here or call Mrs. Fahim at (646) 400-9428.

Then watch this short video for setting up Pupil Path for the Parents

 Set Up Pupil Path for Parents w Voice Over.mp4 

Student Set Up

Students - Need help setting up your email in Pupil Path?

Set Up Pupil Path.mp4  or CLICK HERE

AOFE Motivational Videos

For a little motivation and inspiration, check out these videos.

Working Papers

As you are applying for Internships and other Work Based Learning Activities, you may need your Working Papers.  You will need to gather paper work and set up a virtual meeting with me to process your cards.  Please see the attached documents.  Be sure to email me the application and doctors note as an attachment when you request a meeting to JMorones@schools.nyc.gov.  We will schedule the meeting through Microsoft Teams.

Thank you!

Ms. Morones

Assistant Principal / WBL Coordinator

Working Papers AT191.pdf  

Working Papers Letter Remote Learning 2020.pdf 

Get Connected

In order for students to get digitally connected, they must be signed up for the following:

  1. Pupil Path - Click Here
    1. If a student or parent does not have your log in, please reach out to Mrs. Fahim at (646) 400-9428 between M-F 8:20AM to 2:40PM or complete the form click here
  2. Create a student email with the DOE Click Here
  3. Students - Sign up with Microsoft, so that you can Log In to your Classrooms
  4. Parents - Sign up to be able to log in and see your student's report cards and track their progress.  Click Here

DOE Account and Microsoft Teams Set Up

You will need to get your DOE User Account and Sign Up for Microsoft Teams.

You need to get your DOE Account. Then, go to the Remote Learning Portal  and download Microsoft Teams. 

You will then need to join your classes using a Team Code the teachers will email you for every class.  Please make sure you join.

Here is a VIDEO to help you with the process > CLICK HERE!

Making Strides 2019

Yes!  It's that time of the year!  Please join us for the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk!  We will be joining the Queens Walk on Sunday, October 21st.

Please donate towards our AOFE 2019! 

For more info, download our flyer! 

 Strides Flyer Oct 2019.pdf 

SMG Capitol Hill Challenge

See our very own Mr. Viviano and his Accounting Class in ACTION! Capitol Hill Challenge - Michael Viviano.mp4 

Citi and JA @ AOFE

Citi is one of Junior Achievements Parters.  They worked together to show the relationship and the work they do with our youth.  See our students and AOFE in this video that has played on television this past weekend!

 JA and Citi Progress Makers.mp4 

SIFMA NYSE Closing Bell 9/5/17

Congratulations to Mr. Viviano, Jasmeen K, and Franklin S for ringing the closing bell with SIFMA and Wells Fargo in September. 

See the event here  SIFMA NYSE Wells Fargo Closing Bell 9 5 17.mp4 

Governor Cuomo Visits AOFE on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

What a great day for AOFE!  Governor Cuomo signed an Education Bill at Academy of Finance and Enterprise. See the Event at the Governor's Website.

See our Pictures in the Gallery!