AOFE Mission and Vision

AOFE Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Our school mission is to provide students with an academic, business and technology-based education that develops skills in leadership, innovative thinking, and problem solving, and allows him/her to become a respectful and successful member of a continually evolving global community. This will be accomplished through high-quality instruction, which combines academic and specialized courses in business, finance and technology that will be enriched with mentoring, job shadowing, service learning, paid internships and international travel opportunities.



  • Includes an academically rigorous curriculum in which teachers use a variety of teaching approaches to motivate and empower you to become a sensible independent learner, critical thinker and problem solver. This will be accomplished through the creation of a high quality curriculum that focuses on ideas and intellectual inquiry, based on your interests and individual needs. 
  • Includes a small learning community in which you are well known and valued as an important member of the school community. Also, we will develop strong interactive relationships between teachers, students, and among staff members, by organizing classes into heterogeneous groups.  You will have an equal opportunity to have a rigorous curriculum. We advocate for equity for all across our diverse population.
  • Believes that students can make positive contributions to our school. Through the Student Government and the School Leadership Team, we will provide each student a voice in school governance matters such as curriculum, instruction, school culture, community building, safety and discipline.  We create a school environment that support students Social and Emotional stability through Community Based Organizations.
  • Business is integrated throughout the CTE curriculum through Finance, Entrepreneurship and Hospitality and Tourism. Our belief is that business is a powerful pathway to prepare you to compete in this global economy.
  • Extends far beyond the classroom. Through community service, mentoring, job shadowing, paid internships and international exchanges, we will give you an opportunity to contribute to your community, and to experience the workplace.  These experiences will help you develop the technical and communication skills that will help you succeed in high school and be college and career ready.
  • Includes getting you ready not only as a professional in the workplace, but also, as an effective and powerful agent of change. To help you surpass the obstacles that you may face, we will ensure that our curriculum is aligned with Regents and Learning Standards.  By combining alternative education methods with Regents requirements, we will be able to help you meet your educational goals.

About AOFE

Academy of Finance and Enterprise was founded in 2005, by Gilberto Vega, at 30-20 Thomson Avenue, 4th Floor, Long Island City, NY 11101 with the organizations NAF and Virtual Enterprises.  AOFE is a uniform school consisting of a light blue button down shirt/blouse, grey slacks/skirt, and dress shoes.  On our business casual Fridays, students are able to wear the AOFE black polo shirts.  As we have Career and Technical Education programs in Finance/NAF, Entrepreneurship/VE, and Hospitality and Tourism/NAF, we prepare our students to be college and career ready.  We have a number of AP Courses available to our students, as well as opportunities for College Now with the CUNY system.